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Applied Mechanics

FSIAbbreviation: D-IMEAcad. year: 2017/2018Specialisation: -

Programme: Applied Sciences in Engineering

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: 1.9.2001Accredited until: 31.12.2020

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The Ph.D. study focuses on the following fields of mechanics:
· Mechanics of solids. Theory of modelling mechanical systems, constitutive material relations with emphasis on non-linear behaviour, limit state conditions of materials and structures, mechanics of composites, biomechanics, analysis of stress, deformation and dynamic behaviour of selected groups of bodies (including composite bodies), inverse problems of mechanics of rigid bodies, modelling of stress and deformation in selected technological processes (forming), theory of experiments in interactive driving and mechatronic systems, dynamic of vehicles and of machinery, solution of selected problems in vibroacoustics.
· Mechanics of liquides and gases. Flow theory of compressible and incompressible fluids. Flow of gases and vapours. Nonstacionary flow and impact. Orientation on the flow in hydralic machines and heat engines.
· Thermomechanics. Theory of heat and substance transfer. Application of interferometry and other modern experimental methods. Thermodynamic problems of metallurgy and foundry technologies and heat treatment. Applications in the field of design of thermal power-generating machines. Inverse problems of heat transfer.

Programme supervisor

Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

  1. Development of methods for the measurement and evaluation of the temperature characteristics of dynamic processes

    Interdisciplinary research focused on experimental work, methods of measurement, data recording and evaluation. The aim is to design, develop and optimize sensors and subsequently to develop numerical methods for processing of the data obtained from sensors.

    Tutor: Kotrbáček Petr, Ing., Ph.D.

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