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Risk Management in Companies and Institutions

Original title in Czech: Řízení rizik firem a institucí ÚSIAbbreviation: RFIAcad. year: 2019/2020Specialisation:

Programme: Risk Engineering

Length of Study: 2 years

Accredited from: 16.10.2009Accredited until: 31.12.2024


The aim of the course is to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for the identification, analysis and squeeze, respectively the removal of risk in the management of companies and institutions.

Key learning outcomes

In the framework of the studies the students acquire
• special knowledge and skills in the area of survey methodology risk
• technical and economic objects
• categorization disorders, their consequences and the impact of the collective categorization,
• methods used in studies of the risks and their consequences,
• methods of modelling of engineering tasks,
• risk management technical and economic objects
• legislation risks, rights, judicial expertise, safety and responsibility.
Professional and special knowledge and skills obtained from the area,
• advanced methods of nonstandard analysis and modelling for the solution of the risk situations in the area of financial, economic and business,
• implementation of effective change processes in companies and institutions aimed at reducing and eliminating the risks,
• identification, analysis and risk assessment processes in companies and institutions,
• valuation of risks and their possible consequences,
• insurance, financial management and investing, operational analysis, and business intelligence.
The basic knowledge and skills are obtained from the area of the law and legislation in the area of national security, crisis management and protection in emergencies.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates will find application for companies or institutions to professional and been demanding positions and also as judicial experts pursuant to Act No. 36/1967 Coll. in basic economics, industry management, planning and organization of the economy.


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