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Consumer Chemistry

FCHAbbreviation: BPCO_SCHAcad. year: 2019/2020

Programme: Chemistry and Chemical Technologies - Foreigners

Length of Study:

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, summer semester
AbbreviationTitleL.Cr.Com.Compl.Hod. rozsahGr.Op.
BAA_CHI2Chemical Engineering IIen5CompulsoryCr,ExP - 26 / C1 - 26yes
BAA_CHE2_PLaboratory Classes in Chemical Engineering IIen2Compulsory-optionalGCryes
BAA_BCH1Biochemistry Ien4OptionalExP - 26yes
BAT_ACH2General and Inorganic Chemistry IIen6OptionalCr,ExP - 26 / S - 13yes
BAA_ANC2_PLaboratory Classes in Analytical Chemistry IIen3OptionalGCrL - 78yes
BAO_ACP_PLaboratory Classes in Food Analysisen3OptionalGCrL - 65yes
BAA_FCH2Physical Chemistry IIen6OptionalCr,ExP - 26 / S - 26yes
BAO_ZPMPowder Technologyen3OptionalExyes
B_SLPPCHSummer Laboratory Project - bachelor study - Plasma Chemistry (Applied Chemistry)en30OptionalGCryes
B_SLP-BSummer Laboratory Project - Biocolloids (Applied Chemistry) - bachelor studyen30OptionalGCryes
B_SLPBiSummer Laboratory Project in Biotechnology - bachelor studyen30OptionalGCryes
B_SLPFCHTSummer Laboratory Project in Food Chemistry and Technology - bachelor study en30OptionalGCryes
B_SLPOEPSummer Laboratory Project - Organic Electronics and Photovoltaics (Appl. Chemistry) -bachelor studyen30OptionalGCryes
B_SLP-PPSummer Laboratory Project - Photochemistry and Photocatalysis (Applied Chemistry) - bachelor studyen30OptionalGCryes
BAO_TPVThin Filmsen4OptionalExP - 26yes
B_SLP-BALDNASBachelor_Summer Laboratory Project - Bioinformatic Analyses of Local DNA Structuresen30Optional (voluntary)GCryes
B_SLP_EABachelor_Summer Laboratory Project-The Environmental Analysisen30Optional (voluntary)GCryes
B_SLP-CHOCBachelor_Summer Laboratory Project-The Characterization of Organic Compoundsen30Optional (voluntary)GCryes