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Company Management and Economics

Original title in Czech: Řízení a ekonomika podnikuFPAbbreviation: DSP-ŘEPAcad. year: 2019/2020

Programme: Economics and Management

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: Accredited until: 1.11.2019


Doctoral education provides to the graduates with Master's degree in the field of company management and economics higher level of education deepening theoretical knowledge.
The aim of doctoral study branch is to teach methods of scientific work.

Key learning outcomes

A graduate of doctoral study is capable of independent scientific, research and directive work.
He is ready to tackle challenging conceptual, research and development problems in management and economics. He is able to carry out research, development and production independently in practice.
Graduate can find fulfilment as a creative worker at leading research centers, as a leader of research and development teams, as a research worker and teacher at universities. Graduates of this program may also occupy high positions in some of the larger institutions and companies that require the ability to work creatively and independently, to analyze complex problems and propose a new and original solutions.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

Graduates can find fulfilment as academic worker at economically oriented faculties, as a research worker in research organizations focused on economic and business research. Graduates will be able to focus on the economics of enterprise in all its contexts, a top company management, executive management, marketing, logistics in accordance with the approved program and course.

Entry requirements

Listed below are the minimum admission requirements:
" an appropriate Master's degree
" submission of an essay on the applicant's expected thesis topic,
" an approval by the expected supervisor,
" the passing of an entry exam,
" knowledge of the English or German language at level B1 or higher.


Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

  1. Business Models Sustainable Innovation

    Many authors define business models innovation from the sustainability point of view, but key aspect of all of the expert opinions is that business model is understood as extending beyond the entity of the company, its customers and shareholders, and also including value capture for key stakeholders. The aim is to design methodology for sustainable innovation of the business model through the prototype design of a suitable model for sustainable innovation in selected markets

    Tutor: Šimberová Iveta, doc. PhDr., Ph.D.

  2. Business valuation: Approaches to the terminal value estimation

    The aim of the thesis is to examine the current models of determining the terminal value and to propose modifications of value estimation for the specific situation

    Tutor: Režňáková Mária, prof. Ing., CSc.

  3. Customer Experience / User Experience Concepts and their application

    Customer Experience and User Experience concepts are currently among key factors of market competitiveness and good business results of the companies, primarily those that are active on B2C markets. Important is also relation to digitization and application of digital forms of communication

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  4. Digital Forms of Marketing Communication

    Focus on cocepts of development and application of the modern forms of digital marketing communication, that has increasing role within process of digitization of the economy. Important are also factors of relations to the traditional forms of marketing communication and factors of data and user security in virtual environment

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  5. Digital Transformation and its Impact on Organizational Behaviour.

    Digital technologies are transforming the dynamics of the workforce within enterprises. The main aim of the dissertation thesis will be identification and mapping the implications of technologies on Organizational Behavior.

    Tutor: Konečná Zdeňka, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  6. Enterprise Entry into the Capital Market via IPO

    Research deals with financial and non-financial factors of enterprise entry into the capital market in the form of IPO.

    Tutor: Meluzín Tomáš, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  7. Entrepreneurial Orientation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

    On the authority of empirical research in selected sectors to create an model of entrepreneurial orientation of Czech small and medium-sized enterprises. Method PLS will be used for processing

    Tutor: Koráb Vojtěch, prof. Ing., Dr., MBA

  8. Globalization and its impact on marketing

    Research of the globalization and its impact on marketing. Thesis should include a definition of terms in marketing and globalization itself, aspects of globalization and its influence on the world, entry of the company to the global market. Part of the thesis is an analysis of marketing strategies and trends in selected companies operating globally. The output of the survey is marketing strategy and competitive struggle for companies that are not global, but want to be.

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  9. IPOs in Central and Eastern Europe and Interconnections to Main European Markets

    The main goal of the project is to identify local external IPO determinants focusing on a comparison between CEE emerging and Western European well-developed markets after 2004

    Tutor: Meluzín Tomáš, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  10. Knowledge Management in the Industry Age 4.0

    The research will focus on the analysis of current state of knowledge management and on the design of knowledge management model respecting the conditions of Industry 4.0.

    Tutor: Doskočil Radek, doc. Ing., Ph.D., MSc

  11. Management Control Systems in Innovation

    The substance of the research is to analyse management control systems utilization within innovation activities, design and verify metrics for particular stages of management control system called Innovation Scorecard

    Tutor: Žižlavský Ondřej, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  12. Marketing within Industry 4.0

    Research focused on marketing concepts changes related to business digitizaztion trends. Primary focus on production enterprices on both B2B and B2C markets. Research focused on concepts using product customisations.

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  13. Measuring the influence of process management of production systems on performance in industrial enterprises expressed by the circulation economy in the value chain

    Change of business management to process-controlled organizations and their influence in building an increasing level of competitive position. A competitive environment requires a change in the near future. For small and medium-sized enterprises, focus on performance measurement in production systems using process management. To divide the focus of production systems into different types, thereby linking to process activities and their performance in the value chain using the circulating economy

    Tutor: Jurová Marie, prof. Ing., CSc.

  14. Methodology for finding weaknesses in the use of information systems in company processes

    The aim of the thesis is to create a methodology for finding weaknesses in IS deployment in business processes aimed at improving the current state

    Tutor: Koch Miloš, doc. Ing., CSc.

  15. Methods of assessing the effectiveness of information systems in company processes

    The aim of the thesis is to find suitable tools for evaluating the effectiveness of IS in business processes and to create a method that would allow to find weaknesses in the use of the IS

    Tutor: Koch Miloš, doc. Ing., CSc.

  16. Research on marketing strategies and communication of universities (or selected faculties) and their effectiveness in comparison with companies

    Research on marketing in high education. Thesis should include a definition of the most important terms such as marketing, its trends, education, universities, and so on. Part of the dissertation thesis should be analysis of marketing strategy at selected universities. Part of the thesis will be research on marketing strategies that have the greatest influence on students selection of university. The output of the thesis will be a marketing strategy proposal

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  17. Scenarios for Application Industry 4.0 in manufacturing and logistics processes based on automation, robotics and smart enterprise

    Long-term experience in logistics from around the world show that good transportation network and sophisticated logistics processes setting helps to conserve and enhance the efficiency of the industry. Logistics is one of the pillars of the economy as a separate sector, without which the production process would not exist. Optimization of logistics networks is part of the competition and becomes the advantage as part of a healthy business competition applications, automation, robotics, and thus the smart enterprise

    Tutor: Jurová Marie, prof. Ing., CSc.

  18. Social Media Roles in Corporate Marketing

    Focus on concepts of development and application of the modern Social Media marketing tools. Important are also factors of relations to the traditional forms of marketing communication and factors of data and user security in virtual environment

    Tutor: Chlebovský Vít, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  19. The specifics of the Economic Management of the Family Business

    Research is focused on the identification of the specifics and the proposal of a model for the economic management of the family business

    Tutor: Meluzín Tomáš, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
mvpDMethodology of Scientific Work cs0winterCompulsoryDrExyes
1. year of study, summer semester
merDModern Methods in Economic Decision-makingcs0summerCompulsoryDrExyes
1. year of study, both semester
tevDTheory of Economic Sciencescs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
tevDTheory of Economic Sciencescs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
2. year of study, both semester
RtmDTheory of Managementcs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
RtmDTheory of Managementcs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
RfmDFinancial Management of the Corporatecs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RfmDFinancial Management of the Corporatecs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RiktDInformation and Communication Technologiescs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RiktDInformation and Communication Technologiescs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RplsDProduction and Logistic Systemscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RplsDProduction and Logistic Systemscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RftDTheory of Financial Marketscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RftDTheory of Financial Marketscs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RtmarDTheory of Marketingcs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
RtmarDTheory of Marketingcs0bothCompulsory-optionalDrEx1yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. courses Courses
1 1 RfmD, RiktD, RplsD, RftD, RtmarD