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Physical and Building Materials Engineering

FASTAbbreviation: FMIAcad. year: 2018/2019

Programme: Civil Engineering

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: 25.7.2007Accredited until: 31.12.2020


Issued topics of Doctoral Study Program

  1. Application of computer tomography in acoustic testing of building materials

    Acoustic tomography is a method that makes possible to localize inhomogeneities in medium under investigation. The objective of the study consists in calculating cavities in materials by means of acoustic tomography methods and determining the resolution power of these methods.

    Tutor: Martinek Jan, doc. Mgr., Ph.D.

  2. Physico-mechanical and durability characteristics of concrete laying elements with glass recyclate of photovoltaic panels

    The glass surface photovoltaic panels have a lifespan of approximately 20 years. Recycled glass is created by crushing this area. One of the potential application is the substitution of defined fraction of dense aggregate by glass recyclate for production of concrete blocks. The results of a number of mechanical and physico-chemical tests of alternative formulations shall decide on the use of concretes with the glass recyclate and shall help with the assessment of efficiency of production.

    Tutor: Stehlík Michal, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

  3. Study of physico-mechanical and durability characteristics of construction fibre concretes with use of alternating waste fibres

    Both organic and anorganic fibres from waste raw materials can be used purposefully in construction fibre concretes with extracted aggregate and concrete recyclate. The comparison of physical-mechanical and durability characteristics of fibre concretes with and without loading can contribute to estimating lifetime and ductility behaviour of fibre concretes of different formulations.

    Tutor: Stehlík Michal, doc. Ing., Ph.D.

Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, summer semester
DJ01Doctoral Seminar I (MAT)cs4summerCompulsoryCryes
DY02Foreign Language Tutoring of PhD Studentscs1summerCompulsoryCryes
DJ66Microstructure of Building Materialscs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4765yes
DJ67Theoretical grounds of fired building materialscs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4765yes
DV71Price theorycs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4765yes
DA58Discrete Methods in Civil Engineering Ics4summerCompulsory-optionalCr4772yes
DA61Numerical methods Ics4summerCompulsory-optionalCr4772yes
DA62Probability and mathematical statisticscs4summerCompulsory-optionalCr4772yes
DB64Physics of materialscs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DC62Physical chemistry of silicatescs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DB63Synergy of building materialscs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DJ64Teoretical elements of Composite Materialscs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DJ62Theoretical fundamentals of silicates technologycs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DJ65Theory of Optimization of Building Materials Usecs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
DJ63Theory of Durability and Concrete Rahabilitaioncs8summerCompulsory-optionalEx4774yes
2. year of study, winter semester
DJ02Doctoral Seminar II (MAT)cs8winterCompulsoryCryes
DA65Time series analysiscs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DA67Applications of mathematical methods in economicscs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DA59Discrete Methods in Civil Engineering IIcs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DA63Numerical methods IIcs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DA66Numerical methods for the variational problemscs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DA64Models of regressioncs10winterCompulsory-optionalEx4773yes
DJ68Environmental Systems of Building Materials Production and Utilizationcs8winterCompulsory-optionalEx4775yes
DI63Nondestructive diagnostics methods of testing materials and structurescs8winterCompulsory-optionalEx4775yes
DJ69Concrete Rheologycs8winterCompulsory-optionalEx4775yes
DB65Acoustic method for nondestructive testingcs8winterCompulsory-optionalEx4775yes
2. year of study, summer semester
DY01English for the Doctoral Study Programmecs8summerCompulsoryExyes
DJ03Doctoral Seminar III (MAT)cs8summerCompulsoryCryes
3. year of study, winter semester
DJ04Doctoral Seminar IV (MAT)cs8winterCompulsoryCryes
3. year of study, summer semester
DJ05Doctoral Seminar V (MAT)cs14summerCompulsoryCryes
4. year of study, winter semester
DJ06Doctoral Seminar VI (MAT)cs14winterCompulsoryCryes
4. year of study, summer semester
DJ07Doctoral Seminar VII (MAT)cs20summerCompulsoryCryes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. Courses
4765 0 DJ66, DJ67, DV71
4772 0 DA58, DA61, DA62
4773 0 DA65, DA67, DA59, DA63, DA66, DA64
4774 0 DB64, DC62, DB63, DJ64, DJ62, DJ65, DJ63
4775 0 DJ68, DI63, DJ69, DB65