Branch Details

Fine Arts and Art Management

Original title in Czech: Výtvarná umění a umělecký provozFAVUAbbreviation: VUUP_DK3Acad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Fine Arts

Length of Study: 3 years

Accredited from: 25.4.2013Accredited until: 31.10.2020


The aim of the doctoral study program is to enable highly specialized artistic and scientific education for graduates of FAVU (and other arts colleges and faculties), but also for graduates of non-artistic fields focusing on contemporary art in its various aspects (curatorial, gallery, cultural, Criticism and history of contemporary art). This high degree of specialization of admitted applicants assumes that the study is highly individualized - trainers and expert consultants help students primarily by feedback and direction to desirable problems, resources, institutions and people - and still contain the foundation consisting of subjects whose completion is obligatory for all students in program. While graduates of art disciplines are thus led to further deepen knowledge in the fields of art theory or contemporary art, graduates of non-artistic disciplines gain a deeper insight into artistic research, or current art practice, respectively.

Key learning outcomes

The aim of doctoral studies at FAVU is to contribute to the development of contemporary art as a cultural and socially significant area of ​​action and knowledge. Doctoral study is a unique space for the cultivation of individual but discourse-based attitudes. Doctoral study is thus primarily an area of ​​freedom to develop its own disposition in dialogue with inspirational colleagues and consultants, but also students of lower degrees of study with whom the doctoral students come into contact within their own pedagogical practice. An important goal of the doctoral study program is also the preparation of future teachers of higher art schools. During the course of study, emphasis is placed on pedagogical practice, which may take the form of pedagogical assistance to the trainer, including assistance with conducting or opposing work, but may also consist of leading separate lectures and seminars (ideally linked to the subject of doctoral studies).

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The graduates of the doctoral study branch "Fine Arts and Artistic Operation" are distinguished personalities of the art world (artists, critics, historians or art theorists, curators and cultural producers, etc.). Being able to combine scientific and creative methods, an artistic artifact or a practice-oriented exhibition project during their studies gives them the best prerequisites for applying both in contemporary art and academia.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

2. year of study, winter semester
3DIKUDigital Culturecs0winterCompulsoryDrExyes
3SDP3Dissertation seminar 3cs0winterCompulsoryAcyes
3STV3Shared Interdisciplinary Theory 3cs0winterCompulsoryColyes
2. year of study, summer semester
3DOK2Doctoral colloquium 2cs0summerCompulsoryColyes
3PODPDissertation topic discussioncs0summerCompulsoryAcyes
3SDP4Dissertation seminar 4cs0summerCompulsoryAcyes
3STV4Shared Interdisciplinary Theory 4cs0summerCompulsoryAcyes
3TESUTheory of contemporary artcs0summerCompulsoryDrExyes
2. year of study, both semester
3CIZIForeign language for doctoral studentsen, cs0bothCompulsoryDrExyes
3. year of study, both semester
3STAZInternational mobility for doctoral studentsen, cs0bothCompulsoryAcyes