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Fine Art

Original title in Czech: Výtvarná tvorbaFAVUAbbreviation: AM3Acad. year: 2017/2018Specialisation: Studio of Painting 3 FFA BUT

Programme: Fine Arts

Length of Study: 2 years

Accredited from: 1.12.2015Accredited until: 1.11.2023

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The Fine Art field of study is practiced in three painting studios (Painting 1 – 3), two sculpture studios (Sculpture 1,2), and in the Studio of Drawing and Graphics. This field represents traditional artistic disciplines which have not lost their relevance even in an era characterized as “post-media.” In the spheres of painting and sculpture, the existence of several studios reflects the inner diversity of artistic practices in these disciplines. Students can choose between studios focusing on traditional issues, such as figurative sculpture or painting on the one hand and between studios accentuating the development which these traditional disciplines have undergone and which could be characterized, in the words of Rasalind Krauss, as the movement in “expanded field”. Seen through this optics, painting, sculpture, drawing, or graphics are not self-enclosed disciplines following exclusively the specificity of each medium. On the contrary, they are open to experiment, intermedia overlaps, conceptual thinking, and deconstruction – all these approaches being indispensable if these disciplines are to maintain a living contact with changing social and cultural reality.
All the above mentioned studios and the field of study as a whole still, nevertheless, put an emphasis on the mastering of the technical aspects of the given discipline – a vital condition for the development of an autonomous artistic personality. Different technological courses are taught in which students learn about traditional and new materials and technological procedures. Drawing is also strongly emphasized in this field.
Apart from studio courses, students have to pass a number of theoretical courses.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates in the BA program have an overall knowledge across the whole discipline. They are able to adequately choose and master different means of expression and technologies. Graduates are competent to understand and master technologies relevant to the particular disciplines. They are also competent in basic administrative skills which enable them to develop their professional activities.

Occupational profiles of graduates with examples

The graduate of the Fine Art field of study is a strong personality with the potential to succeed in the art world. The acquired competencies enable graduates to seek jobs in neighboring disciplines, such as art pedagogy, graphic design, or curating. Mastering technologies provides the graduates for an independent development of their own artistic goals. Knowledge gained in the art theory and art history courses enable the graduates to maintain critical distance from their own artistic endeavors (which distinguishes them from amateurs).

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Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

1. year of study, winter semester
CPZZ-IPrinciples for the Master's State Examination 1cs2winterCompulsoryAcyes
M1M3-ZStudio Follow-up I - Painting 3 - wintercs18winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
2U2000-ZArt after 2000cs4winterCompulsoryExyes
2AINV/M-ZEnglish Intermediate MA 1 - winteren3winterOptionalAc,Exyes
2UPPV-M-ZEnglish Upper Intermediate Higher 3 - MA - Winteren3winterOptionalAc,Exyes
ACHE20Architecture of the 20th centurycs3winterOptionalExyes
2A1956Around 1956: the Culture of the Mid Fiftiesen4winterOptionalExyes
CPD-ZPhD. Students' Lectures 1cs2winterOptionalAcyes
DEDE2-ZHistory of Design 2 - wintercs3winterOptionalExno
2USPThe Art of Collaborationcs3winterOptionalExyes
1. year of study, summer semester
CPZZ-IIPrinciples for the Master's State Examination 2cs2summerCompulsoryAcyes
M1M3-LStudio Follow-up I - Painting 3 - summercs18summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
TU-LTheory and Art in the 20th Century - summercs3summerCompulsoryExyes
2AINV/M-LEnglish Intermediate MA 2 - Summeren3summerOptionalAc,Exyes
2UPPV-M-LEnglish Upper Intermediate Higher 4 - MA - Summeren3summerOptionalAc,Exyes
ACP-LArt, Commerce, Poweren4summerOptionalExno
CPD-LPhD. Students' Lectures 2cs2summerOptionalAcyes
DEDE2-LHistory of Design 2 - summercs3summerOptionalExno
OK-LOn Curating. Theory and Practice.cs2summerOptionalAcyes
UA-LArt – architecturecs3summerOptionalExyes
2U2000-LArt after 2000 (seminar)cs2summerOptionalAcyes
2. year of study, winter semester
M2M3-ZStudio Follow-up II - Painting 3 - wintercs10winterCompulsoryAcyes
SSZZMaster's State Examination Seminarcs5winterCompulsoryAcyes
TU-ZTheory and Art in the 20th Century - wintercs3winterCompulsoryExyes
2UPPV-M-ZEnglish Upper Intermediate Higher 3 - MA - Winteren3winterOptionalAc,Exyes
2A1956Around 1956: the Culture of the Mid Fiftiesen4winterOptionalExyes
2USPThe Art of Collaborationcs3winterOptionalExyes
2. year of study, summer semester
DIPLMGRDimploma seminar for graduate studentscs5summerCompulsoryAcyes
M2M3-LStudio Follow-up II - Painting 3 - summercs10summerCompulsoryAcyes
SZK-PPractical Diploma Project (magisterial cycle)cs, en20summerCompulsoryAcyes