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Water Management and Water Structures

FASTAbbreviation: VAcad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Civil Engineering

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: 25.7.2007Accredited until: 31.8.2023


The aim of studying in the four-year Civil Engineering bachelor’s study programme in the field of Water Management and Water Structures is to gain mastery over a comprehensive foundation of essential theoretical and general technical knowledge from throughout the civil engineering discipline. The theoretical basis of the programme comprises the natural sciences, in particular the physico-mathematical disciplines, extended within the regions of hydraulics and hydrology.
After four semesters concentrating on the theoretical science background of the field and mastering essential engineering and technical scientific disciplines, students spend the next four semesters gaining a specialised grounding in basic knowledge and information with regard to the issues of the field of Water Management and Water Structures. The study of specialised subjects is continually supplemented by further deepening of theoretical, construction and technical knowledge in such a way that graduates can deal with the issues specific to the field at a higher level and thus gain specialised knowledge with understanding within the widest possible context, and at the needed level of quality for them to find employment in their area of specialisation in industry. In their final year students may choose, within the framework of the studied field and via the selection of a topic for their bachelor’s thesis, a specialisation which allows them to further deepen their knowledge in the areas of Municipal Water Management, Landscape Water Management, and Water Structures.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates from the Civil Engineering bachelor’s study programme in the field of Water Management and Water Structures are university-educated specialists able to work in industry in positions requiring the individual solution of more complex construction, technical and managerial problems with an approach drawing from their deeper knowledge of the water management field, and also the wider theoretical context. It is expected that such graduates will find employment in industry in technical or managerial positions requiring the ability to work individually to carry out quite demanding specialised tasks during the design and operation of water management structures. They may gain employment in design or construction firms, in the area of public administration or in other similar specialised or technical areas. After gaining practical experience, graduates may hold higher managerial positions, or engage in private enterprise in the field.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

3. year of study, winter semester
BP009Utility Networkscs3winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BA004Mathematics 4cs, en5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BF051Foundation Engineering (V)cs3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
3. year of study, summer semester
BY001Pre-Intermediate Level English (exam)cs2summerCompulsoryExyes
BS003Reservoirs and Water Management Systemscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BS005Drainage and Landscape Protectioncs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BS004Pedology and Irrigationcs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BR007Dams and Hydropower Engineeringcs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BR006River Training and Weirscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BP003Water Supplycs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BP001Field Training (V)cs1summerCompulsoryAcyes
4. year of study, winter semester
BP006Water Supply - projectcs3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BS007Landscape Water Management Projectcs5winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BR008Project of Water Structurescs5winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BP002Wastewater Collection and Wastewater Treatmentcs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BL004Watermanagement Concrete Structurescs4winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BR052Hydraulics of Open Channel Flowcs5winterOptionalAc,Ex5414yes
BP052Water Tanks and Pumping Stationscs5winterOptionalAc,Ex5414yes
4. year of study, summer semester
BP004Water Qualitycs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BP008Rehabilitation of Water Infrastructurecs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BP007Project Sewerages and WWTPcs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BZ001Building Lawcs3summerCompulsoryAcyes
BP057Waste Managementcs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5416yes
BS052Land Consolidationcs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5416yes
BR053Hydro Power Utilizationcs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5416yes
BP054Hydrology of Sewer Systemscs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5417yes
BR054Designing of Hydrotechnical Structurescs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5417yes
BS053Ponds and purpose reservoirscs6summerOptionalAc,Ex5417yes
BP053Bachelor Seminar (V)cs2summerOptionalAc5418yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. Courses
5414 0 BR052, BS051, BP052
5416 0 BP057, BS052, BR053
5417 0 BP054, BR054, BS053
5418 0 BP053