Branch Details

Building Material Engineering

FASTAbbreviation: MAcad. year: 2017/2018

Programme: Civil Engineering

Length of Study: 4 years

Accredited from: 25.7.2007Accredited until: 31.8.2023


The aim of studying in the four-year Civil Engineering bachelor’s programme in the field of Building Material Engineering is to gain a comprehensive foundation in essential theoretical understanding and general technical knowledge from throughout the civil engineering discipline. Furthermore, students will be acquainted with basic knowledge particularly from production technology and specialised construction disciplines and, in addition, gain a higher level of knowledge and orientation within the issues of the field through the deepening of theoretical, technological and structural engineering knowledge. The gained specialised knowledge will allow graduates to understand the problems arising in their field within a wider context and will increase their employability in industry.
Proof of attaining the final goal of the course, i.e. the mastery of the studied material and the ability to take a comprehensive, independent approach, will be the production and successful defence of a bachelor’s thesis on an assigned topic from the area of production technology or the application of building materials.

Key learning outcomes

Graduates from the field of Building Material Engineering are well-prepared from the theoretical standpoint, particularly in the areas of silicate structure, structural physics and thermodynamics, which provides them with the prerequisites for attaining more complex knowledge in connection with practical laboratory training.
In their laboratory work graduates will have become acquainted with the characteristics and testing of basic building materials, particularly mortars, ceramics and special ceramics, concrete, light materials and insulation materials (including special types), timber and metals. Through the combination of practical and theoretical knowledge graduates will have attained one of the goals of the course, this being the attainment of more complex knowledge and skills.
The emphasis placed on the connection of theoretical and experimental training, together with the acquaintance of students with real operational technologies on specialised excursions is based on the intention to equip graduates with a complete set of knowledge and practical skills.
Alongside this, the graduate is capable of applying building materials in structures, including prefabricated components and their installation, diagnostic methods and practical demonstrations on structures, which supports the fundamental goal of providing graduates with the prerequisites for employment in industry.


Course structure diagram with ECTS credits

3. year of study, winter semester
BC002Building Materials Chemistrycs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ002Ceramics - Laboratoriescs4winterCompulsoryAcyes
BA004Mathematics 4cs, en5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ003Concrete Technology – Laboratoriescs2winterCompulsoryAcyes
BJ004Concrete Technology 1cs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ005Fundamentals of Technological Processescs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
3. year of study, summer semester
BY001Pre-Intermediate Level English (exam)cs2summerCompulsoryExyes
BI003Diagnostic methods in buildingcs4summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BJ006Physics of Building Materialscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ008Metal and Wood Materialscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ017Experimental Laboratory Methodscs4summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ016Binders 2cs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ009Technology of Building Elementscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
4. year of study, winter semester
BL008Concrete structures (M)cs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BO005Timber Structures (M)cs3winterCompulsoryClAcyes
BJ007Insulation Materialscs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ010Lightweight Building Materialscs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BH008Building Constructions 2 (M)cs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BZ002Building Lawcs, en2winterCompulsoryAcyes
BJ012Technology of Prefabricated Structurescs5winterCompulsoryAc,Exyes
4. year of study, summer semester
BJ013Special Insulationscs3summerCompulsoryClAcyes
BJ014Special Ceramicscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BW003Mechanical Equipmentcs2summerCompulsoryAcyes
BJ011Technical Thermodynamicscs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BT004Building Services (M)cs2summerCompulsoryAcyes
BJ015Concrete Technology 2cs5summerCompulsoryAc,Exyes
BJ055Properties and Use of Building Materials in Structurescs5summerOptionalAc,Ex5423yes
BJ056Selected Chapters of Building Materials Technologycs5summerOptionalAc,Ex5423yes
BJ054Bachelor Seminar (M)cs3summerOptionalAc5424yes
All the groups of optional courses
Gr. Min. Courses
5423 0 BJ055, BJ056
5424 0 BJ054