Master's Thesis

The Red Queen

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FAVUMaster's ThesisStudent: MgA. Martin KrálíkAcad. year: 2015/2016

Leader: prof. akad. soch. Michal Gabriel

Opponent: doc. Mgr. Jan Zálešák, Ph.D.

Red Queen is a chess piece on the story of Alice in Wonderland, which is constantly running to hold it in place, because the world around it is constantly in motion. Therefore, it is a symbol of the theory of evolution, a constant necessity innovation and the eternal escape from competitors.
Red Queen's Race is constructed into a miniature civilization, or rather one growing superorganism, which constantly oscillates between the digital and the physical world.
The main consciousness of this association is black majestically looking server that supplies with his computing power and energy all attached printers. They are designed specifically for this purpose, such as abstraction of robotics industry, with an emphasis on a functionally aesthetic form, in yellow-orange color of heavy industrial machinery.
The most important and largest part of this system, are entities which printers materialize. They are created according to a living creature of this world, generated by computer, based on a unique code, which is the result of calculating the evolutionary recombination, processed by the server, depending on the reactions of outside observers at the objects which are already created. Sense of each entity is attract attention. How much more, the greater is the chance to continue their code in future generations.




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Study branch

Fine Art

Classification by leader
prof. akad. soch. Michal Gabriel

final grade: A

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Classification by opponent
doc. Mgr. Jan Zálešák, Ph.D.

final grade: B

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Red Queen, evolution, Alice in Wonderland, White Rabbit, The Matrix, 3D print, Industry 4.0, electronic organism, living machines, plumbing, Red Queen's Race, centrally controlled system