Master's Thesis

Application Development Framework for Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

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Author of thesis: Ing. Jan Hrdina

Acad. year: 2018/2019

Supervisor: RNDr. Marek Rychlý, Ph.D.

Reviewer: Mgr. Ing. Pavel Očenášek, Ph.D.


The thesis deals with the design and implementation of the application framework for the creation of collaborative web editors that enable peer-to-peer collaboration in real time. The thesis summarizes existing approaches for data replication, from which M. Kleppmann's CRDT (conflict-free replicated data type) for JSON is chosen as the most suitable. Using the resulting framework, the created content can be safely shared in groups of peers, where each member can be assigned different permissions. Own communication protocols based on WebRTC, WebSocket and WebCrypto are designed and implemented for P2P connection establishment and subsequent communication. The framework allows to resolve conflicts and work independently without an Internet connection. For a consistent user experience, the library includes a set of user interface elements for managing friends, groups, and other common tasks. The framework is implemented using functional design patterns implemented in the ReasonML language. The functionality of the result is verified by creating an example application of the mind map editor.


framework, web development, peer-to-peer, distributed systems, collaboration, functional programming, authentication, authorization, conflicts, ReasonML, WebRTC, CRDT

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Information Systems

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RNDr. Marek Rychlý, Ph.D.

Grade proposed by supervisor: A

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