Master's Thesis

Properties of asphalt mixtures of SMA-type with RAP

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FASTMaster's ThesisStudent: Ing. Luis Carlos Acuna SubiaAcad. year: 2017/2018

Leader: doc. Dr. Ing. Michal Varaus

Opponent: Ing. Kamil Hrbek

The aim of the diploma thesis is to verify and compare the properties of bituminous stone mastic asphalt, namely SMA 11S with modified PMB 45 / 80-55 asphalt binder or 50/70 road bitumen binder with rubber granulate. Comparison of properties is performed using functional tests. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with the familiarization with the use of the SMA mixture, the selected concepts concerning recycling of non-leveled roads are described and described. Attention is paid especially to the recycling of roads in the Czech Republic with an emphasis on hot recycling on the incinerator, which allows increased dosing of Reclaimed Asphalt into asphalt mixtures. In the practical part, the results of the functional tests of the SMA 11S mixture, which have been taken from the test section, are processed and evaluated.




Defended (thesis was successfully defended)


Study branch

Constructions and Traffic Structures

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doc. Dr. Ing. Michal Varaus

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Ing. Kamil Hrbek

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asphalt mix, asphalt binder, stone mastic asphalt, modified asphalt binder, functional tests of asphalt mixtures, aggregates, rubble layer, Reclaimed Asphalt, road recycling