Doctoral Thesis

Active IP Geolocation for Verification Host Position in Internet

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FEKTDoctoral ThesisStudent: Ing. Jiří Balej, Ph.D.Acad. year: 2017/2018

Leader: doc. Ing. Dan Komosný, Ph.D.

Opponents: doc. Ing. Rastislav Róka, Ph.D., doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zdrálek, Ph.D.

Dissertation thesis deals with methods for finding the location of the device in the Internet, based on knowledge of the IP address. The process is called IP geolocation and is currently solved by geolocation databases or by measurement of network properties to the IP address. The disadvantage of nowadays geolocation databases is an incorrect information about some locations, because they can be in large distance from correct position. The aim of the thesis is to develop a method for verification of a position from geolocation database using delay measurement. Because of it, there is a detail analysis of influence of partial delays on the distance estimation accuracy, calculated using measured delay between the landmark and the target IP address. For the same reason, long-term delay measurement was performed, where the IP geolocation accuracy was compared using calibration data from previous measurements. On this background, Cable Length Based Geolocalisation (CLBG) method is proposed. Principle of this method is built on the properties of partial delays, which depend on the length of transport media. Firstly, the method measures round trip time (rtt), which is subsequently lowered by intermediate devices and end stations delay. The geographical distance is estimated using signal speed in the transport media. Further, the winding media parameter is established, which is used to determine a constraint around the landmark. The intersection of all constraints defines the area, where the target IP is. The IP geolocation using CLBG gives better results than simpler methods (ShortestPing, GeoPing and SOI), in comparison with more advanced methods (CBG and Octant) the accuracy is similar. The disadvantage of the CLBG method is the size of region, where the target lies, but this is due to its purpose. The position found in geolocation database can be checked by evaluation if it lies in the region.




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Teleinformatics (PK-TLI)

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doc. Ing. Rastislav Róka, Ph.D.

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doc. Ing. Jaroslav Zdrálek, Ph.D.

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IP geolocation, localization, geolocation databases, delay, multilateration, rtt, CBG, Octant, CLBG.