Course detail

Automation of Power Systems

FSI-LREAcad. year: 2020/2021

The course is intended to explain the following topics: attributes of current automation, branched control loops, models of heat power plant technology, regulation circuits of boilers, steam turbines, electric distribution systems, regulation of nuclear reactors and equipments used for automatic control.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Knowledge of automation problems of power plants, control loops structures and instrument components for automation.


Students are expected to have knowledge of automatic control.


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Recommended or required reading

Němec, Z.: Regulace a automatizace energetických zařízení. Studijní opora pro magisterské studium. VUT v Brně, FSI, ÚAI, 2012. Dostupné z (CS)
Ibler,Z. a kol.: Technický průvodce energetika. Praha, BEN, 2002.
Balátě, J.: Technické prostředky automatického řízení. [on-line text 1.10.2019:]. (CS)
Balátě,J.: Automatické řízení. Praha, BEN, 2003.
Kolcun, M; Griger, V. Riadenie prevádzky elektrizačních sústav. Mercury-Smékal, 2003. ISBN 80-89061-76-1, 288 s.

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course is taught through lectures explaining the basic principles and theory of the discipline. Exercises are focused on practical topics presented in lectures.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Course-unit credit requirements: participation in seminars.
Examination requirements: the basic part is written and covers 12 answers related to the topics of the course.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.


Course objective: To acquaint students with automation power systems, functions and solutions of control circuits and equipments of automatic control.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Attendance at lectures is recommended, attendance at seminars is required. It is at the teacher’s discretion to decide how to make up for missed seminars.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme B3S-P Bachelor's

    branch B-AIŘ , 2. year of study, summer semester, 4 credits, elective

  • Programme N-AIŘ-P Master's, 1. year of study, summer semester, 4 credits, compulsory-optional

  • Programme M2I-P Master's

    branch M-ENI , 2. year of study, summer semester, 4 credits, compulsory

Type of course unit



26 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer


1.Introduction, basic terms, history, attribute of present automation
2.Control circuits, multiloop control circuits, components of control circuits
3.Thermal power plant unit, models of subsystems
4.Steam boiler regulation, main control loops
5.Nuclear reactor regulation, reactor kinetics, reactor as a controlled system, main control loops, methods of nuclear power plant control
6.Steam turbine regulation, requirements according to turbine types
7.Control of electricity supply system, primary and secondary regulation
8.Automatic control equipments, sensors, data bus, compact governors, programmable logic controllers
9.Large control systems.

Computer-assisted exercise

13 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


Computer laboratory: -Mathematical models of thermal and water power plant and subsystems – computer simulation of control procedures, defectives states, control tuning.
Control technology laboratory: - demonstration of sensors, analog and digital controllers, actuators – demonstration of programmable logic controllers, - demonstration of .regulated drive.