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Selected Chapters of Air-conditioning

FAST-NTB027Acad. year: 2020/2021

The course consists of issues of the design and operation of HVAC (airconditioning) systems. They presented methods for solving complex approach that respects the dynamic behavior of the boundary conditions of design and operation.
A fundamental task is the thermal behavior of rooms, filtration, cooling, humidification, drying, ventilation and air-conditioning heat exchangers design. The findings are the basis for the design of ventilation systems and specialized civil buildings with high requirements on the internal microclimate (eg. Cleanrooms).


Institute of Building Services (TZB)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Student upgrade his qualifications in heating systems in buildings.


Advanced knowledge of hydraulics and aerodynamics. Advanced knowledge of internal microclimate of buildings. Advanced knowledge of solutions of systems of heating and airconditioning of buildings.


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Course curriculum

Boundary conditions of the air-conditioning systems – psychrometry.
Dynamic simulation of the thermal performance of buildings.
Thermodynamic and humidity of air treatment.
Air flow and its distribution.
Heat recovery in air.
Water conditioning and refrigeration systems.
Airconditioning of civil buildings.
Hybrid ventilation systems.
Filtration, industrial ventilation.
Analysis and air flow in rooms with high humidity stress.
Analysis of internal microclimate of clean rooms.
Airconditioning of clean rooms.
Errors in the design of HVAC systems.


Improvement of the theoretical knowledge and abilities to design indoor climate by air-conditioning systems.

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  • Programme NPC-SIS Master's, 1. year of study, summer semester, 5 credits, compulsory-optional

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26 hours, optionally

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26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer