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Technology of Building Elements

FAST-BJA013Acad. year: 2020/2021

The principles of concrete building elements manufacture. Classification and marking of elements, methods of production, typifying, in site production and production line manufacture. Legislative and the concerning standards for the production and for market introduction.
The main production system of building elements and the subsystems classification of by-production. Unloading, transport and storing of materials – aggregates, powder materials, steel, half - finished products and admixtures in concrete. Steel reinforcement manufacture - straightening, cutting, welding, reinforcement baskets manufacture.
Concrete mixture preparation - dosing of components, conveying of fresh concrete, recycling of fresh concrete. Preparation of manufacturing moulds- moulds and moulds parts design. Special moulds.
Preparation of moulds for further operations - cleaning, separation paintings, moulds rectifying, prestressing of reinforcement.
Forming and compacting – storing of concrete mixture and reinforcement, compacting, acceleration of concrete hardening, final treatment of shaping, storing, dispatching.
Prestressed concrete elements - prestressing methods, kinds and utilization of prestressed elements.
Surface treatment of elements. Ceramic - concrete elements. Products for canalization, pavement, other concrete products manufactured by pressing-, vibrating- and centrifuging technology.
Vibrating compacting technology and pressing of building elements.
Manufacture of atypical elements for transport and structural engineering.


Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components (THD)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The student would manage the goal of the subject by acquiring the knowledge of basic production systems of prefabricated construction components for civil, housing, industrial, engineering and transport construction. Further then on partial systems of prefabricates production (transport, storage of input raw materials, concrete production, armatures production and production forms) and information on factors of concrete compaction and acceleration of concrete hardening.


Concrete technology


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Course curriculum

1. Principles of building components manufacture.
2. Division of production procedure systems into subsystems.
3. Subsystems of concrete building components production.
4. Concrete production.
5. Transport of concrete mixtures.
6. Manufacture of reinforcements.
7. Moulds for the manufacture of building components.
8. Reinforcement of concrete building components.
9. Shaping of components.
10. Compacting of concrete components.
11. Manufacture of selected building components.
12. Finishing treatments in shaping.
13. Acceleration of concrete components hardening.Demoulding of hardened components including prestressed components and the storing and treatment of components.


The aim of study is to acquaint the students with basic systems of prefabricated building units production for home, residential, industrial, engineering construction and roads building. The students are step by step acquainted with partial problems of prefabricated elements production (transport, storing of input raw materials, manufacture of concrete, production of reinforcements, and production forms. The student will get detailed information concerning compacting and hardening acceleration of concrete. Partial technological operations will be described for manufacture of individual building elements production technology, including machinery

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  • Programme BPC-SI Bachelor's

    specialization M , 3. year of study, summer semester, 4 credits, compulsory

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26 hours, optionally

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26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer