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Energy Evaluation of Buildings

FAST-5T1Acad. year: 2020/2021

Statutory requirements on energy consumption
Energy consumption in buildings - building structures, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heat water, fans and pumps, lighting, cooling, technological processes and other.
Performance characteristics of building, building type, low-energy buildings, climatic conditions, passive energy systems, hygienic requirements.
Indoor environment quality.
Energy intensiveness ratio, specific energy consumption.
Energy, "Keynumbers".
Optimisation of energy consumption, basic economic assessment


Institute of Building Services (TZB)

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building structures, building services, heating


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Recommended or required reading

M. Jokl: Energetika envirosystémů budov. ČVUT Praha 1998
M. Meckler: Retrofit Buildings for Energy Conservation. Faimont Press, Lilburn 1995
T. Dahlsveen, D. Petráš, J. Hirš: Energetický audit budov. Jaga, Bratislava 2003
Vaverka J., Hirš J., Skotnicová I. a kol.: Stavební tepelná technika a energetika budov. VUTIUM 2006

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Course curriculum

1. Introduction: history, philosophy, goals, bibliographical references, ENCON process (ENergy CONservation), Keynumbers method.
2. Energy conservation measures: building envelope, heating, indoor climate
3. Energy conservation measures: ventilation and airconditioning, heat water
4. Energy conservation measures: fans and pumps
5. Energy conservation measures: lighting, cooling
6. Project Energy assessment of building: introduction, analysis
7. Project Energy assessment of building: building inspection, input data preparation
8. Project Energy assessment of building: simulation of energy consumption, energetic calculations, discussion, check-out
9. Project Energy assessment of building: technical and economical calculations (theory), cost of energy, methods of payback calculation
10. Project Energy assessment of building: economical calculations, discussion, check-out
11. Project Energy assessment of building: Energy audit - final report elaborate
12. Energy management: measuring, analyse, E-T curve, operating and management, final test
13. Credit: final test evaluation, Project presentation


Energy evaluation of buildings
ENCON process and Keynumbers method of analyse of energy conservation measures
Evaluation of economic effectiveness of the measures

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13 hours, optionally

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26 hours, compulsory

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