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Concrete Technology II

FAST-5J6Acad. year: 2020/2021

Principles and organization of European and domestic standardization of concrete and the connected laws. High-strength concrete, recycling in road construction, gunite, architectural coloured concrete, classification of aggressive media, proposal of compositions and marking of concrete for these surroundings following the ČSN EN 206, recycled concrete. Vibrated and pressed concrete and fine-grained composites. Rheology of fresh concrete, modeling, rheometry, proposal of testing and utilization of self-compacting concrete. Reshaping and shrinkage of hardened concrete. Porous structure of hardened concrete. Manufacturing technology of porous and lightweight concrete and of dense concrete as protection against radioactive radiation. Processing of secondary raw materials for the preparation of special concrete, utilization of fly ash, slag and dust. Proposal of the concrete composition with respect to the durability against the effects of water, frost and chemical defrosting salts and aggressive liquid and gaseous media.


Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components (THD)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

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Basic knowledge obtained in the course Concrete Technology I, especially concerning the properties of components for concrete manufacture, marking of concrete for normal and aggressive media, methods for designing concrete composition and for concrete testing, further information about lightweight building materials and processes of concrete degradation


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Recommended or required reading

P.C.Aitcin: High Performance Concrete. Brunner-Routledge 1998
Petr Pytlík: Technologie betonu. VUTIUM 2000
Bartos, P.: Fresh Concrete. Elsevier, London 1992
Stork, J.: Teória skladby betonovej zmesi. SAV Bratislava 1964

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Course curriculum

1.Principles and organisation of European and domestic standardization of concrete and of connected laws.
2.Classification of aggressive media. Proposal of composition and marking of concrete according to the Standard ČSN EN 206-1.
3.Porous structure of hardened concrete. Deformation and shrinkage of hardened concrete.
4.Processing of secondary raw materials for the manufacture of special concrete, utilization of fly ashes and slag and of flue dusts.
5.Concrete for hydraulic engineering constructions. 6.Rheology of fresh concrete. Rheological properties of fine-grained cement matrix. Rheometry.
7.Self compacting concrete.
8.Road concrete.
9.High-strength concrete.
10.Porous concrete. Fine-grained concrete.
11.Recycled concrete. Dense concrete.
12.Fibres containing concrete.
13.Soffit concrete. Architectural concrete. Concrete with heat-insulating properties. Polystyrene-concrete. Foam-concrete.


Following the knowledge obtained in the course Concrete Technology I, the knowledge is extended by information about new concrete types and the methods of their design, testing and conditions of use. The aim is to inform the students about up-to-date trends in concrete technology and about concrete with special properties such as high performance, high strength, self - compacting, light and dense concrete and further about concrete with increased resistance against aggressive media.

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26 hours, optionally

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26 hours, compulsory

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