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Interpretation of Architecture

FA-INA2Acad. year: 2020/2021

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Continuously consulted and at the end of the semester presented interpretation of architectural work by the method of close reading in the form of text (essay, article, study) or text-visual work (lecture, installation, exhibition).


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Recommended optional programme components

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Recommended or required reading

EISENMAN, Peter: Giuseppe Terragni. Trasformations, Decompositions, Critiques. New York: The Monacelli Press, 2003 a EISENMAN, Peter (auth.) – LOURIE, Ariane (ed.): Ten Canonical Buildings: 1950-2000. New York: Rizzoli, 2008. (EN)
MITÁŠOVÁ, Monika (ed.): Oxymorón a Pleonasmus. Texty kritické a projektivní architektury. Praha: Zlatý řez, 2011. (CS)
ZERVAN, Marian – MITÁŠOVÁ, Monika: Za a proti interpretácii. In: Interpretačné metódy v architektúre (učební texty). Dostupné na: (SK)
MITÁŠOVÁ, Monika: Interpretačné situácie: Interpretácia a metainterpretácia súčasnej architektúry. Praha: FA ČVUT, 2018. (SK)

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

Not applicable.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Active participation in seminars, continuous consultations and final presentation of an interpretative text (essay, article, study) or text-visual work (lecture, installation, exhibition) are evaluated.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.


Acquisition of knowledge about scientific interpretation of architecture by the method of close reading. Theoretical and practical experience with interpreting an architectural work by this method based on common seminars, consultations and individual, individual study of architectural work and literature.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Active participation, continuous consultation, presentation of interpretation and evaluation. Missed lessons will be replaced in another term after previous agreement with students.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme ARCHURB Master's

    branch ARCHURB , 1. year of study, winter semester, 2 credits, compulsory-optional

Type of course unit



26 hours, optionally

Teacher / Lecturer