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Theoretical Principles of Technology

FAST-0J2Acad. year: 2019/2020

The course contains lessons in the field of probability and lessons of principles of mathematical statistic. The industrial mass production uses selected statistic methods for the manufacturing technology evaluation. Description statistics, frequency tables and histograms. The statistical analysis of one or two variables, normal graph of probability. Initial data analysis, quartile graphs, dispersion variance analysis and covariance, tests of distribution correspondence, quality control. Simple and multiple, linear and non-linear regression. Non-parametric methods, tests of Kolmogorov-Smirnov for one and two selections. Estimation and testing of hypotheses. Considering the technologic character of the course the theoretical assumptions of some representing technological operations are presented - the sorting, the problem of mixing, assumption for securing the production quality according to ISO. The part of lectures is accompanied by exercises, which have partially a character of calculations.


Institute of Technology of Building Materials and Components (THD)

Learning outcomes of the course unit

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Knowledge in the area of building materials, physics and statistics


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Recommended or required reading

Hátle, J., Likeš, J.: Základy počtu pravděpodnosti a matematické statistiky. SNTL Praha 1972
Hebák, P., Kahounová, J.: Počet pravděpodobnosti v příkladech. SNTL Praha 1978
Lamoš, F., Potocký, R.: Pravdepodobnosť a matematická štatistika. Alfa 1989

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Course curriculum

1)Technological processes in building materials production, deterministic states, random events
2)Statistic probability, law of large numbers, technological parameters in production of building materials
3)Random variables in building materials production
4)Description of random variables, their division of two and more random variables
5)Basic and selected package in technological processes
6)Uncertainty, inaccuracy and errors in technological processes, parameters for control of technological processes- technical Standard ISO 9001
7)Continuous and discrete types of random variables, properties of data files
8)Random variables characteristics, one and more dimensional variables
9)Correlation analysis, utilization in practice, experiments planning
10)Testing of technical variables statistic hypotheses, point and interval estimation, reliability
11)Technological processes, process state, Markoff´s cascade
12)Statistical regularities of grain numbers distribution in ground material, basic technologic parameters - BRR-diagramm
13) Statistic description of the separation process of grains,(dimension, shape properties). Problems of raw materials mixtures, admissible solution


Utilization of calculus of probabilities and of statistic theory in conditions of building materials technological production process, checking of building materials utility properties-
Utilization of building materials composition regularities, technological processing, parameters of production partial processes, utilization of waiting theory

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26 hours, optionally

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26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer