Course detail

Diploma Seminar (M-STG, Machining)

FSI-HD2Acad. year: 2017/2018

The course is intended as a support of elaborating of the diploma thesis. Students are methodically guided in their preparation for successful defence of their diploma theses. They are made familiar with the problems related to writing scientific publications including respective formal aspects. Also discussed are more general problems related to concrete solutions of individual diploma theses.

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students will develop their planning, organizational and management skills, competences in proper selection, decision-making and pragmatic elaboration of technical-economic materials and information. They will be provided with the principles of working out the diploma thesis, work with technical literature, references, citations, text editing, preparing of presentation, and the presentation as such.


Students are expected to have the knowledge acquired in the course of previous study, namely in fields of theory and technology of machining, material science, metrology, mathematics, physics. English language is also required.


Not applicable.

Recommended optional programme components

Not applicable.

Recommended or required reading

Odborné časopisy

Planned learning activities and teaching methods

The course is taught through exercises which are focused on practical topics presented in lectures.

Assesment methods and criteria linked to learning outcomes

Course-unit credit is awarded on condition of having attended the seminars and worked out the diploma thesis, including its presentation.

Language of instruction


Work placements

Not applicable.

Course curriculum

1. Introduction to writing of diploma works.
2. Work with literature.
3. Bibliography, references.
4. Charts, styling.
5. Equations, formatting.
6. Diagrams.
7. Technological routines.
8. Plan of experiments.
9. Data assessment.
10. Economical evaluation.
11. Discussion of results, resume with references.
12. Written presentation.
13. Oral presentation, fundamentals of rhetoric.


The goal of the course is to provide students with skills necessary for scientific work in the branch, and with the methodology of working out individual parts of a diploma thesis. It will familiarise them with the aspects of final formulation, editing and the layout of the diploma thesis. In the seminars, students will practice particular procedures applied when working out the diploma thesis, and will learn about the requirements for and the process of the final defence of their diploma theses.

Specification of controlled education, way of implementation and compensation for absences

Participation in the courses is obligatory and can be specified by the supervisor of the diploma thesis.
Attendance at seminars can be substituted by the agreement with the teacher by consultations on solved topics at a professional workplace outside the faculty, or by visiting a technical library.

Classification of course in study plans

  • Programme M2I-P Master's

    branch M-STG , 2. year of study, summer semester, 3 credits, compulsory-optional

Type of course unit



26 hours, compulsory

Teacher / Lecturer


1. Beginning discussion about: conception of DW, concretization of DW topics.
1. Opening discussion: conception of the diploma thesis, concretization of the topics.
2. Analysis of the diploma work in process.
3. Fundamental principles of working out the diploma thesis.
4. Fundamental principles of working out the diploma thesis.
5. Work with the technical bibliography, references, citations, Internet sources.
6. Work with the technical bibliography, references, citations, Internet sources.
7. Text editing and layout of the diploma thesis.
8. Text editing and layout of the diploma thesis.
9. Preparing of presentations.
10. Preparing of presentations.
11. Project presentations.
12. Project presentations.
13. Course-unit credits.