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CVVOZE - Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy

Centre for Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy (CVVOZE) is a research establishment of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication at the Brno University of Technology. Scope of the Centre covers a broad spectrum of branches in the field of electrical engineering in connection with topical subject of renewable energy sources and their efficient utilization in manufacturing, transportation and the energy industry.

Research team will focus on problematic of chemical and photovoltaic energy sources, electro mechanics, electro technology, power engineering, electrical drives, mobile robots and industrial electronics.

Planned research centre will cover three basic programmes from its start:

  1. optimalization and management of electromechanical transformation of energy
  2. chemical and photovoltaic sources of energy
  3. optimalization of transformation and usage of energy in systems with ecological energetic sources

Project is not focused only on a research, but also on intensifying cooperation between university and application sphere and accelerating new technologies transfer into industrial practise. Planned applications include e.g. ecological transport systems, development of robots with ecological drive, innovation of cogeneration units for power generation.

Research centres