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CEITEC - Central European Institute of Technology

The Brno University of Technology is one of the partners in a project aimed at creating the Central European Institute of Technology – CEITEC. BUT, three other Brno universities, two institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences and a state research institute are working together to develop a top-flight research centre focused on the life sciences and progressive materials and technologies that will advance Czech science to a world-class level.

Scientists from all of the institutions in the areas of the natural and technical sciences have joined forces to prepare a project that will make it possible to obtain funding for modern equipment and technologies and for setting up laboratories with parameters meeting the most stringent standards.

Projekt tvoří celkem sedm výzkumných programů zaměřených do následujících oblastí: pokročilé nanotechnologie a mikrotechnologie, pokročilé materiály, strukturní biologie, genomika a proteomika rostlinných systémů, molekulární medicína, výzkum mozku a lidské mysli, molekulární veterinární medicína.

The project brings together a total of seven research programmes in the following areas: nanotechnology and microtechnology, advanced materials, structural biology, the genomics and proteomics of plant systems, molecular medicine, neuroscience and molecular veterinary medicine.

CEITEC has been conceived as an institution that will carry out research and at the same time offer graduate and postdoc teaching in the above fields.

The anticipated source of funding is the Structural Funds, through the Research and Development for Innovation Operational Programme, Priority Axis 1 – European Centres of Excellence.

CEITEC’s goal is to bring to Brno cutting-edge science and leading international scientists, and where possible to motivate outstanding Czech scientists to carry out their research activities at one of the participating institutions.

Construction work begun in September 2012The main laboratories will be built in the Pod Palackého vrch university campus and theUniversity Campus in Brno-Bohunice. The laboratories in Bohunice will focus on the natural sciences and medicine, taking advantage of their proximity to the Brno Faculty Hospital and the Biotechnology Institute.  The Pod Palackého vrch complex, neighbouring on the Technology Park, will feature a centre for material sciences and advanced technologies. Both parts will function as aninterdisciplinary scientific establishment with a university-wide mandate.


Research centres