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Research Centres

Regional Research & Development Centres

The primary focus of the Regional R&D Centres supported by the Research and Development for Innovation Operative Programme is applied research and encouragement of cooperation with the application sphere (commercial companies and other users of research outcomes). They mainly contribute to the establishment of networks and intensive cooperation with the application sector based on contracted research and provision of services based on the application sector requirements and to a development of human resources for top positions in research and development.

Centres of R&D Excellence

The Centres of R&D Excellence supported by the Research and Development for Innovation Operative Programme will use and further strengthen the potential of the industry top-quality research teams to make them internationally recognised partners of prestigious research centres. Such centres are expected to make a major contribution to the quest for new knowledge, to the development of human resources, as well as to further development of breakthrough technologies in relevant fields. Last but not least, it can be expected that the Centres of R&D excellence will attract a strong interest on the part of the application sphere, establish cooperation networks, and engage in joint projects with application sphere partners from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Research centres