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Photovoltaic textiles

Scientists from the BUT Material Research Center work on a development of photovoltaic textiles. One day we could have clothes with pocket, in which it is possible to charge a phone.

Everything started with development of „smart materials“ – polymers modified to have character of semiconductors and thus applicable in electronics. These materials are soluble so it is possible to make inks, pastes and apply them with standard print technologies or textile coating. Sensory, electrical or photovoltaic elements become a part of the textile.

For now we cannot consider these materials to be powerful generators, yet there are lots of possibilities, such as photovoltaic sunblinds, shading, cases for electronics, car interiors etc.

Published: 2015-10-07

Short URL: https://www.vutbr.cz/research-and-development/f20227/d106622