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Destruction device for the ceramic heads with oil medium.


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funkční vzorek


Device is suitable for the destructions of the ceramic heads of the hip joint endoprosthesis with outer diameter 28 mm and with the conical hole. The aim of the destruction in the device is finding the material parameters of the ceramics material because the sizes of the ceramics heads do not allow to make the normalised speciment for the 4-point bending tests. For carrying out the destruction of a set of ceramic heads a special testing device (jig) has been made in which the heads are subjected to compressive load that acts only on the surface of the head's opening (conical hole). In the course of the test, circumferential strains are measured on the head's external surface. On each head, two gauges were stuck (at 180 degree) which, in addition, provided information on whether the deformations in the head are distributed evenly on the circumference - the data of the gauges served for judging the reliability of the results of experiments. The compression load acting on the head was developed by the testing device ZWICK Z 020-TND whose head loaded the jig's piston which, in turn, acted on oil inside the jig, which, subsequently, acted on the ceramic head. Oil is suitable only for the destruction pressure 0 - 90 MPa.


Ceramic material parameters, experimental device, oil

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místnost B1/105, FSI VUT v Brně, Technická 2, Brno