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Fail operational control algorithms of electrical drives


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This software package contains control algorithms for PMS motors extended by algorithms compensating for the effect of powertrain errors, thus of motor, control unit, software, sensors and power electronic errors. The prepared software is intended for multiphase PMS motors. Especially for a six-phase motor connected as two times three-phase motor. The algorithms can also be easily modified, for example, for use on a three times three-phase motor connection. The control algorithms ensure the operation of the motor in the event of an electrical fault on the stator winding, in the case of sensor’s malfunction due to redundancy concept and also in the event of a fault in the power stage of the frequency converter. The features of algorithms include bump less switching between the individual compensation strategies of the motor control to ensure the smooth operation of the motor. In the case of an inter-turn short circuit, the compensation algorithms reduce short-circuit currents by the field weakening of the damaged part of the motor. For this reason, the created SW package is only suitable for motors whose field weakening index is less than one. The goal of the implemented compensation algorithms is also to minimize the influence of the fault on the maximum achievable motor output power. The input to the control algorithm is information about the detected fault, which can either be directly detected by the power stage of the inverter (like desaturation fault flag) or provided by algorithms for fault detection. The software is created as a set of schemes in the MATLAB/Simulink development environment. Switching between states and initialization of the whole system is ensured by state machines prepared with the help of the StateFlow. From the source control block schemes, it is possible to generate C / C ++ code suitable for implementation in a microcontroller AURIX 2G.


fail operational control,control algorithm, permanet magnet synchronous motor, redundancy concept, field weakening

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