Project detail

Design and analysis of novel extracellular matrix mimicking materials with tailored internal architecture targeted for drug delivery systems

Duration: 01.02.2021 — 31.01.2022

On the project

Proposed project focuses on design of biopolymer network with internal structure modified by self-assembly of phospholipid (lecithin) with the potential use as novel extracellular matrix (ECM) model in drug delivery systems. This project takes aim to precisely characterize application-relevant properties (structural for xerogels, transport and mechanical for hydrogels) and their mutual interconnections to evaluate potential usage of these novel materials in biomedical application.



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People responsible

Kadlec Martin, Ing. - fellow researcher
Trudičová Monika, Ing. - fellow researcher
Zinkovska Natalia, Ing. - fellow researcher
Heger Richard, Ing. - principal person responsible


Faculty of Chemistry
- (2021-02-01 - 2022-01-31)

Funding resources

Evropská unie - Interní grantová soutěž

- whole funder (2021-02-01 - 2022-01-31)