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Development of Automatic Quantitative SEM Image Analysis Method of Interconnected Porous Structure of Freeze-dried Biopolymeric Scaffolds Applicable in Tissue Engineering

Duration: 01.03.2020 — 28.02.2021

On the project

The main objective of this project is to propose and develop a new, advanced, more effective, objective, and user-friendly quantitative automatic SEM image analysis method of porous structure of freeze-dried scaffolds utilizing the state-of-the-art deep learning approaches, especially the convolutional neural networks. The proposed method will eliminate the person's error rate, significantly reduce the image processing time, improve the accuracy of segmentation and provide more information about the pore distribution.



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People responsible

Mekyska Jiří, Ing., Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Mucha Ján, Ing. - fellow researcher
Vojtová Lucy, doc. Ing., Ph.D. - fellow researcher
Muchová Johana, Ing. - principal person responsible


Advanced Biomaterials
- (2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31)
Department of Telecommunications
- (2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31)
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication
- (2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31)
Central European Institute of Technology BUT
- (2020-01-01 - 2020-12-31)

Funding resources

Brno University of Technology - Vnitřní projekty VUT

- whole funder (2020-01-01 - 2021-12-31)


MUCHA, J.; MUCHOVÁ, J.: SEMIPE; SEMIPE. online. URL: (software)