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New MSc Curriculum in TeleInformatics (N.C.T.I.)

Duration: 01.09.2007 — 31.08.2009

On the project

The objective of the project is to develop a study programme of postgraduate MSc studies in the field of TeleInformatics. The programme should be on the level of European standards, reflecting the state of the art in the field of Informatics in Communication Technology, and it should provide practical outcomes for application. This program should also be adapted to the state and needs of the above field in Syria. The subjects to be introduced in the programme should cover the main areas of data transfer networks and systems, programming languages and simulations of networks, information processing and remote transfer, neural networks, fiber optic technology, multimedia, virtual measurement devices, processors and microprocessors, mobile computing, wireless and mobile network systems design, implementation and security, and other related subjects.

Description in Czech
Cílem rpojektu je navrhnout studijní rpogram a obsahy předmětů magistersakého studia v oboru Teleinformatika. Program by měl být na úrovni evsropských stanadardů, odrážející konveregenci oblastí Informatiky a Telekomunikací. Studijní program by měl být přizpůsoben pro syrské podmínky.

New MSc Curriculum in TeleInformatics (N.C.T.I.)

Key words in Czech
Teleinformatika, nový magisterský program



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People responsible

Smékal Zdeněk, prof. Ing., CSc. - principal person responsible


Department of Telecommunications
- (2007-09-01 - not assigned)

Funding resources

- TEMPUS PHARE European Project
- whole funder (2007-09-01 - 2010-08-31)


VRBA, K. Tempus joint European project, new MSc curriculum in teleinformatics. 1. Latákie, Sýrie: 2007. p. 1-57.