HRS4R / HR Award

On 11 November 2019, Brno University of Technology subscribed to the principles enshrined in the European Charter for Researchers and in the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

The aim of the University is to obtain the HR AWARD, which is awarded by the European Commission to research institutions that commited to implement the HRS4R Strategy (The Human Resources Strategy for Researchers) based on the above principles.

The University will prepare an internal GAP analysis aimed to compare the current practice at the University with the Charter and the Code; at the same time, an Action Plan (AP) for the process of implementing the actions helping the institution pass from the current state to the target state in accordance with the principles enshrined in the Charter and in the Code, will be prepared. The GAP analysis will include a Questionnaire survey among University staff. And lastly The University will prepare and in order to verify implementation of an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment system, per the Commission’s recommendations, which includes the procedure to implement HRS4R, BUT is working on developing an OTM-R policy.

Benefits of HRS4R implementation for the University and researchers:

  • Increasing University prestige and attractiveness for researchers
  • Obtaining funds for research from European and national research supporting programmes - advantages in the TAČR programs, HORIZON 2020 and others
  • Linking to a pan-European network of research organisations
  • International attractivity and visibility
  • Improving the quality of Human Resources care
  • Transparent recruitment and selection of new researchers

HRS4R Acknowledged Institutions (EURAXESS).

Phases of the HRS4R

Initial phase

1. Endorsement of the C&C. (institution)
2. Application for the HR Award (Gap Analysis, OTM-R Check list, Initial Action Plan Design). (institution)
3. Initial Assessment. (European Commision)

Implementation phase

1. Implementation of the Action Plan. (institution) (24 months after the HR Award was granted, followed by an Interim Assessment)
2. Interim Assessment. (European Commision/External Experts) (36 months after the Interim assessment)
3. Implementation of the Revised Action Plan. (institution)

Award Renewal phase

1. Renewal with site visit. (European Commision/External Experts)
2. Implementation of the Improved Action Plan. (institution)
3. Renewal without site visit. (European Commision/External Experts)
4. Implementation of the Further Improved Action Plan. (institution)
5. Renewal with site visit. (European Commision/External Experts)


What it is:

The action plan is a sequence of activities that must be carried out in order to help the institution pass from the current state to the target state, with regard to the implementation of the 40 principles of the C&C. They will address the improvement needs identified in the Gap Analysis and the OTM-R checklist.

Why it is important for the application to the "HR Excellence in Research Award":

The action plan establishes the foundation of an HRS4R management by objectives process inside the institution. It stems directly from the Gap Analysis and the OTM-R checklist and it presents the institution's strategic vision in terms of the priority areas and implementation steps to be undertaken in the next two years.


What it is:

The Gap analysis seeks the answers to questions "Where are we?" (current state) and "Where do we want to be?" (target state), as an institution, with regard to the 40 principles of the Charter and the Code.

Why it is important for the application to the "HR Excellence in Research Award “:

The gap analysis will provide a clear picture of the development needs, while identifying any deficiencies or shortcomings to be overcome. Once the gaps are identified, it becomes easier to prioritize and quantify them, and establish the work effort that will be required to address them. There should be a clear connection between the gap analysis and the subsequent measures outlined in the action plan.


OTM-R Policy (Open, Transparent and Merit-based Recruitment of Researcheres) defines the way of researchers´ recruitment. It is open, transparent, knowledge-based process of researchers´ recruitment.

What the OTM-R checklist is:

It is a specific self-assessment checklist provided to report on the status of achievement in terms of the implementation of Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment (OTM-R) policies and practices, which aims at making research careers more attractive, while facilitating mobility and equal opportunities for all candidates.

Why it is important for the application to the "HR Excellence in Research Award“:

The OTM-R checklist builds on the C&C principles related to the Recruitment of Researchers. Coupled with the Gap Analysis, it will further provide to institutions a clearer picture of their development needs, which will be prioritized and addressed with concrete actions, part of the action plan to be implemented in the upcoming two years.

The Action Plan also includes a dedicated section to OTM-R policy and practices.

Responsibility: Ing. Bohdana Šlégrová