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BUT athletic stadium is unique in the Czech Republic

Another stage of the reconstruction of a large BUT sports ground came to an end. Lasting over three years (11/2008 – 6/2011), the project was accomplished in two stages. Almost 123 million CZK without VAT were spent with the city of Brno contributing 25 million CZK to the reconstruction of an athletic stadium, the only one in the Czech Republic to be set in a natural environment. During the reconstruction, the latest rules of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) were complied with, for example, in determining the location, the numbers of sectors, and the surface finish used. The resulting sports ground received an IAAF certification for holding class A athletic competitions.

This first-class IAAF certification meets the parameters of the Beijing Olympic Stadium and those of the Olympic Stadium in London to be opened next year. Today, it is the only first-class stadium in the Czech Republic with other Czech top athletic stadiums possessing only second-class certifications.

The stadium's seating area will accommodate 2,500 to 2,800 spectators sitting comfortably, a maximum capacity being 3,500, with 440 seats situated on the upper roofed grandstand.

Being reconstructed, too, a multipurpose stadium forms a necessary background for the athletic stadium connected with it by a tarmac path. Being almost 1000 metres long and three metres wide, it is an ideal practicing ground for inline skaters and skiers.

One of the most prominent events it will see next year is the Czech Academic Games to be held from 9th to 15th June. About 15 important competitions are prepared for 2012.

Published: 2011-10-19

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