prof. Ing.

Vojtěch Koráb

Dr., MBA

FBM – Professor

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prof. Ing. Vojtěch Koráb, Dr., MBA

Curriculum vitae

Education and academic qualification

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Additional information:

Tittle  year    University

Ing.   1978    Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Electrotechnics, Dept. of Radio

MBA   1996    Nottingham Trent University, UK

Ph.D. 1998    Brno University of Technology, Business and Management Faculty.

Ass. Prof. 2011 Brno University of Technology, Business and Management Faculty.

prof. 2009     Brno University of Technology, Business and Managenet Faculty

Career overview

a/ The Railway Research Institute Brno, six years, from this two years as the Department of development head, four years as a research worker of  the State  program  P12 - The Technical  Diagnostics of Railway Driving Vehicles -  in the area of SW & HW.

b/ INORGA - The Institute for Automation of Management in Industry Brno, seven years. From this four years as the head of department and vice-director, three years as research worker of the State Programme for economical research SPEV - in the area of SW, management and organisation.

c/ Technical University of Brno, Business and Management Faculty,  Department of Economics and Management. Until the present time as a senior lecturer, vice-dean, ass. prof. and professor.


Pedagogic activities

Specialisation: small business, entrepreneurship, management theory, international management, research methodology 

Scientific activities

Within the professional experience I was an author or joint-author of 15 scientific research projects and reports, 20 contributions in national and international seminars and conferences and 5 articles in magazines.

Within the professional experience I solved 16 state projects and orders for economical practice, I was responsible for solution in half of the cases. All the works was well disputed or received by the customer.

Non-University activities

Year            institution                                                                           function

1993-1996  NMCP Netherlands Management  Consultancy Program       member

1995- 2005 ECSB European Council of Small Business (since1996       vice-president  for the Czech Republic)                                                 

1995-1999  British know-how Fund, Steering Committee of the Program

                   "Training of trainers" for Czech Republic                               member 

1998-2005  European Association for Comparative Studies                   member