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Ing. Radovan Jiřík, Ph.D.

Ing. Radovan Jiřík, Ph.D.

Main e-mail jirik@feec.vutbr.cz
Personal BUT number 3007
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Consulting hours
Wednesday, 14:00 - 15:00, E331 (Kolejní 2906/4, Brno 612 00)
Lectured courses
MKZS Traditional Medical and Ecological Imaging Systems
FEEC, UBMI , Czech, summer
AZSL Medical Imaging Systems
FEEC, UBMI , Czech, summer
* Valid data for academic year 2017/2018
Graduated Ph.D. Students
Ing. Martin Mézl, Ph.D. (2016)
thesis topic: Modeling and Analysis of Signals in Perfusion Imaging
Ing. Michal Bartoš, Ph.D. (2014)
thesis topic: Advanced signal processing methods in dynamic contrast enhanced magnetic resonance imaging
* FEEC students since 2001 
Current Ph.D. Students
Ing. Ondřej Macíček
thesis topic: Advanced Methods in MRI Perfusion Analysis
Ing. Jiří Kratochvíla
thesis topic: Perfusion imaging using magnetic resonance
Ing. Lucie Krátká
thesis topic: Advanced Methods of Perfusion Analysis Based on ASL

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