prof. RNDr.

Miroslav Liška


FME – External pedagogue

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prof. RNDr. Miroslav Liška, DrSc.

Curriculum vitae

Education and academic qualification

  • 1961, Mgr., Faculty of Science, J.E.Purkyně University in Brno, branch Electronics and Vacuum Physics.

Scientific activities

  • Laser applications in medicine, geodesy and in industry.
  • Optical metrology.
  • The results are summarized in 130 papers in journals and proceedings of conferences and symposia, in 27 research reports and in 14 project reports.
  • The most significant results include:
  • Applications of optical methods in metrology.
  • Investigation of laser ablation and laser spectroscopy.
  • Development of special optical systems (the laser photocoagulator, the laser alignment device, applications of the ruby laser in holographic microscopy, the holographic interferometer for vizualization phase objects).
  • Manipulation of microobjects with laser beam.
  • Holographic imaging, multidirectional holographic interferometry, optical tomography.
  • Holographic nondestructive testing of products.


  • Use of the Laser Beam for Manipulation of Microobjects. Grant from: Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.
  • Scientific Centre of Nanotechnologies and Surface Engineering. Grant from: Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.
  • Employment of Multiple-Beam Optical Traps for Contolled Manipulation and Rotation of Microobjects. Grant from: Grant Agency of the Czech Republic.
  • The use of combination of laser microbeam and cytometric techniques in the study of the structure and dynamics of human geonome. Grant from: Grant Agency of the Academy of science of the Czech Republic.
  • The Joint Research of Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication under Non-steady Conditions. Grant from: Ministry of Education, KONTAKT.