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Milan Forejt


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prof. Ing. Milan Forejt, CSc.

Curriculum vitae

Education and academic qualification

  • Education and academic qualification
  • 1965 graduated from the Aircraft Faculty of Military Academy in Brno
  • 1977 awarded the PhD degree at the Department of Manufacturing Technologies of
  • FME BUT, PhD thesis on Optimization of Service Life of Compound Dies
  • 1982 acquired position of senior researcher (IA – 2a)
  • 1987 post-graduate studies in “Technical expertise in transport, engineering and economy”
  • 1988 appointed expert witness by the minister of justice
  • 1990 appointed Associate Professor, as of June 1, 1990
  • 1993 habilitated Associate Professor, as of January 1, 1993
  • 1998 appointed Professor in Forming theory and technology, as of June 1, 1998

Career overview

  • Job history
  • 1965 – 1970 assistant and assistant professor at the Military Academy in Brno
  • 1971 – till the present: at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Brno University of Technology, Department of Manufacturing Technology
  • 1971 – 1975 technical worker
  • 1976 senior technical worker
  • 1983 senior research worker
  • 1989 assistant professor
  • 1990 associate professor of Forming theory and technology
  • 1993 habilitated associate professor of Forming theory and technology
  • 1998 – till the present: professor of Forming theory and technology

Pedagogic activities

  • Teaching activities
  • Giving lectures and leading exercises in the courses: Theory of metal forming-HTA, HTA-K, GTA, Experimental methods-HE1, HE2, Technology WTE of and selected chapters from metal forming-HVT, WT1. Methodological guidance, lectures and consultations in design courses, end-of-year projects-DR2, diploma projects-HD3, HD5, supervision of end-of-year and diploma projects.
  • Member of the National board of examiners for the field of Engineering technology, chairman of the board of examiners for final BSc examinations in the field of Engineering technology.
  • Supervisor of doctoral students in the fields of Engineering technology and Forensic engineering.

Scientific activities

  • Research activities
  • Mathematical representation of forming processes, stress and strain analysis in the dimensioning of forming tools, employing elastic and elastic-plastic FEM programs and simulation programs for large plastic deformations. Modelling of the mechanical properties of materials formed at real strain rates, with outcomes for constitutive equations of mathematical representation of formed materials.
  • Experimental examination of loading, and stress and strain analysis of metal-forming tools.

Non-University activities

  • Activities outside the university
  • CSNMT – Czech Society for New Materials and Technologies (member of supervisory board)
  • EVU – European society for research and analysis of accidents, national chapter V CZ (member)
  • Technical guarantor of symposium B – metal forming, of the International conference on metallurgy and materials – METAL 2004, 2005, 2006.
  • Member of the international scientific committee of the conference "Advanced engineering technologies and materials – PRO-TECH-MA 2002, 2004, 2006".


  • Projects
  • In the years 1993 and 1994 in cooperation with the Institute of Materials Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences the responsible researcher of the Ministry of Education transformation project 332/1993/1994 VSAV of the Education Development program (based on decision No 135/24.3.1993 of the government of the Czech Republic) entitled “High-rate deformations in the teaching of metal and alloy forming”. The subject matter of the project has since 1995 been included in the teaching of a newly introduced course “Selected chapters from metal forming” in the 5th year of specialized studies.
  • In the years 1995 and 1996 the responsible researcher of grant project No FP953663 of the Science Fund of the FME BUT, entitled “Optimization of composite forming tools”.
  • In the years 1996 and 1997 joint applicant in the successfully concluded grant project FU360064 (applicant Dr. J. Krejčí) of the Science and Arts Fund, entitled “Constitutive equations of metallic and ceramic materials at high deformation rates”.
  • In the year 1997 responsible researcher of grant project No FP379725 of the Science Fund of the FME BUT, entitled “Development of lightened carrier for dynamic material testing using the Taylor test”.
  • In the years 1999 to 2001responsible researcher of GAČR project No 101/99/0373 “Modelling of steel behaviour during forming”, which was conceived in support of completing the laboratory of high-rate deformations and developing its utilization at the Institute of Manufacturing Technology of FME, Department of Metal Forming.
  • In the years 1999 to 2004 joint researcher of the Ministry of Education Research Plan No 262100003, “Development of advanced high-precision engineering technologies”, the section “Creating a database of materials models for the prediction of materials behaviour in the forming process”.
  • In 2010, co-investigator of a successful standard project FSI-S-10-81(i.č.441)Tackling molding parts of pipes.
  • In 2011, co-investigator of a standard project FSI-S-11-23 (i.č.1390) using progressive technology in the production of solar panels heat transfer.

  • In 2012-14 Investigator standard project FSI-S-12-5 (i.č.1664). Advanced solar absorber with a textured surface and controlled circulation.

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