Jon Ander Arregi Uribeetxebarria

CEITEC, NMaST – researcher


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M.Sc. Jon Ander Arregi Uribeetxebarria


  • 2019

    FALLARINO, L.; OELSCHLÄGEL, A.; ARREGI URIBEETXEBARRIA, J.; BASHKATOV, A.; SAMAD, F.; BÖHM, B.; CHESNEL, K.; HELLWIG, O. Control of domain structure and magnetization reversal in thick Co/Pt multilayers. PHYSICAL REVIEW B, 2019, vol. 99, no. 2, p. 024431-1 (024431-16 p.)ISSN: 2469-9950.
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  • 2018

    ARREGI URIBEETXEBARRIA, J.; HORKÝ, M.; FABIANOVÁ, K.; TOLLEY, R.; FULLERTON, E.; UHLÍŘ, V. Magnetization reversal and confinement effects across the metamagnetic phase transition in mesoscale FeRh structures. Journal of Physics D - Applied Physics, 2018, vol. 51, no. 10, p. 1-12. ISSN: 1361-6463.
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    PRESSACCO, F.; UHLÍŘ, V.; GATTI, M.; NICOLAOU, A.; BENDOUNAN, A.; ARREGI URIBEETXEBARRIA, J.; PATEL, S.; FULLERTON, E.; KRIZMANCIC, D.; SIROTTI, F. Laser induced phase transition in epitaxial FeRh layers studied by pump-probe valence band photoemission. Structural Dynamics, 2018, vol. 5, no. 3, p. 034501-1 (034501-11 p.)ISSN: 2329-7778.
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  • 2016

    UHLÍŘ, V.; ARREGI URIBEETXEBARRIA, J.; FULLERTON, E. Colossal magnetic phase transition asymmetry in mesoscale FeRh stripes. NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, 2016, vol. 7, no. 1, p. 1-7. ISSN: 2041-1723.

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