Daniel Kvarda

FME, IMID DT – researcher

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Ing. Daniel Kvarda


  • 2020

    REMEŠOVÁ, M.; TKACHENKO, S.; KVARDA, D.; ROČŇÁKOVÁ, I.; GOLLAS, B.; MENELAOU, M.; ČELKO, L.; KAISER, J. Effects of anodizing conditions and the addition of Al2O3/PTFE particles on the microstructure and the mechanical properties of porous anodic coatings on the AA1050 aluminium alloy. Applied Surface Science, 2020, vol. 513, no. 145780, p. 1-10. ISSN: 0169-4332.
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    SHI, L.B.; WANG, C.; DING, H.H.; KVARDA, D.; GALAS, R.; OMASTA, M.; WANG, W.J.; LIU, Q.Y.; HARTL, M. Laboratory investigation on the particle-size effects in railway sanding: Comparisons between standard sand and its micro fragments. Tribology International, 2020, vol. 146, no. 6, p. 106259-106259. ISSN: 0301-679X.
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  • 2019

    SHI, L.B.; LI, Q.; KVARDA, D.; GALAS, R.; OMASTA, M.; WANG, W.J.; GUO, J.; LIU, Q.Y. Study on the wheel/rail adhesion restoration and damage evolution in the single application of alumina particles. WEAR, 2019, vol. 426-427, no. Part B, p. 1807-1819. ISSN: 0043-1648.
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  • 2018

    KVARDA, D.; GALAS, R.; OMASTA, M.; HARTL, M. An Investigation on Adhesion Behavior of Solid Particles in Water Contaminated Wheel-Rail Contact. In 2018 International Symposium on Rail Infrastructure Systems Engineering (i-RISE 2018). Proceedings. MDPI, 2018. p. 1145-1148. ISSN: 2504-3900.
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    GALAS, R.; KVARDA, D.; OMASTA, M.; KŘUPKA, I.; HARTL, M. The role of constituents contained in water–based friction modifiers for top–of–rail application. Tribology International, 2018, vol. 117, no. 1, p. 87-97. ISSN: 0301-679X.
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