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Brno University of Technology

Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering

At Honeywell, one of the world‘s leading technology companies, recruiting top talent and promoting science, technology, engineering, and math education are foremost priorities. To that end, Honeywell has created the Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering (HISE), a unique program specifically designed to help bridge the gap between engineering skills learned at the university level and business acumen. The HISE program engages students through a series of Honeywell-hosted events including on-campus lectures and colloquiums.

The HISE connects Honeywell’s top technologists and engineers as well as chemistry/physics Nobel Laureates with students from top engineering schools to help foster synergy between the many business implications of scientific research. This strategic approach ensures that students are better prepared to apply their academic and scientific minds to real world challenges and solutions.

Brno University of Technology

Founded in 1899, Brno University of Technology is proud to be among the 3% of the world’s leading universities promoting cooperation between industries and building research centers including cooperation on the CEITEC project to build a European centre of research excellence. We see it as a commitment to carry on the 112 year-old tradition of providing engineering, scientific and economic education to uphold our leading position in science and research with international scope.

BUT is proud to host the premiere event of the new global Honeywell initiative – Honeywell Initiative for Science & Engineering. BUT and Honeywell have developed a solid partnership over the years on projects that help students to get a closer contact with renowned experts and scientists.

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