Publishing in Open Access

Open access is a new model of scientific communication that could be seen as an alternative to the traditional way of publishing in journals with limited (paid for) access. It aims to provide open and free access for anyone who is interested. There are two main open-access publication methods:

  • Golden way – publishing in open-access journals. The open-access is guaranteed by the editors.
  • Green way – providing access to the author's own papers in open repositories. Open access is provided by the authors.

On Friday 13th December 2013 BUT signed the Berlin Declaration and publicly declared support to the Open Access Movement.

Who is Open Access good for?

  • For scientists – a major benefit is an easier access to papers, what increases the citation index. Further benefits include quicker knowledge exchange and response by fellow scientists.
  • For students – improved quality of study and education by accessing a larger number of information resources.
  • For publishers – an increased reading and referencing of the papers published resulting in a higher impact factor of their journals and also higher sales