BioMed Central Fund

In 2014 BUT became a member of BioMed Central. Authors from BUT have the opportunity of applying for the coverage of the publication fee of BioMed Central publishers.

biomed central

The applicant of the grant must be:

  • employee or student of BUT
  • first or corresponding author

Grant conditions:

  • The article has to be published in the journal which is scored according to the Methodology of Evaluation of Research Organizations and Evaluation of Finished Programmes (valid for years 2013 - 2015).
  • The journal must be fully OA and not just hybrid.
  • Author can apply only when there is no possibility of any other donation (grants, projects budget etc.)
  • The supported article must be uploaded to the institutional repository (BUT Digital Library).
  • The application must be send after the acceptation of the manuscript.

Our budget at BioMed central is 4000€ for 2014. Applications will be accepted until the money run out (on the base "first-come, first-served").

Contact person:

  • Petra Dedicova (

Application form -

Information about journals:

More information:

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