Central Library at BUT has two funds, which are focused on supporting publishing in gold open access. If author meet all the conditions of the fund, library will pay the publication fee.

You will find more information and the application form here:

The main conditions are:

  • Author must be an employee or a student of BUT.
  • Author must be first or corresponding author.
  • One applicant can apply for a grant once in a year or till he reach the amount of 3000$ or 2000€.
  • Author can apply only when there is no possibility of any other donation (grants, projects budget etc.)
  • The grant will not cover fees for reprints, colour printing, administration fees etc.
  • The article must be published in fully open access journals, hybrid open access journals are not accepted.
  • The article must be published in the journal, which is scored according to the Methodology of Evaluation of Research Organizations and Evaluation of Finished Programmes (valid for years 2013-2015).
  • The supported article must be uploaded to the institutional repository (BUT Digital Library).
  • Applications will be accepted until the money run out (on the base "first-come, first-served").

In database SHERPA/JULIET you can find a list of other funders all around the world.

Any questions regarding funds?

You can contact us via contact form!