Web of Science

Thomson Reuters

Multidiscipline bibliographic and citation database containing input data for bibliometrics.

Web of Science by Thomson Reuters is a web version of the Science Citation Index databases. It can be used to monitor the paper references and also contains regularly updated bibliographic data (including abstracts) on papers published in more than 12,000 leading scientific journals from all fields with a retrospective of more than 60 years (data are available from 1945!). The reference database is divided into five parts: natural sciences, social sciences, humanities and two parts of natural science and humanities conference proceedings. The database also contains the EndNoteWeb citation manager and two databases on chemistry (Current Chemical Reactions a Index Chemicus).

Web of Science contains:

  • Web of Science
  • Journal Citation Reports
  • Scientific WebPlus
  • EndNoteWeb
  • Researcher ID




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  • direct subsidy from Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, partially funded by BUT
  • till 31. 12. 2014

further information:

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