Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA)

The database contains bibliographic information on almanacs, periodicals, titles (even from the past) from all over the world.

These are 290,000 title records in 900 content categories from 80,000 publishers from 200 countries. Included are also titles published on CD-ROM's, 36,000 periodicals accessed on line and  5,000 dailies and weeklies. This means dailies, newspapers, academic, scientific and reviewed journals. Full-text references are also available.

The digital library contains:

  • a summary of journals published in a given field, their prices and subscription addresses
  • status verification – live title / finished title
  • ISSN verification
  • title history (previous and subsequent names)
  • information whether a journal is published in a different form, too
  • names of other databases in which a title is indexed
  • information whether a journal is reviewed
  • information whether a journal is impacted
  • option to create lists of journals with all relevant information



databáze je dostupná na celém VUT v Brně



  • funded from resources of BUT
  • till 31. 12. 2014

further information:

for further information, please write to eiz@lib.vutbr.cz