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Developed since 2002 by Elsevier, Scopus is a multidiscipline reference database. It gathers records on technology, medicine, social and natural sciences.


It contains about 38 million records (including about 19 million records of documents published after 1996) and 230 million references from well over 18,000 journals from more than 5000 publishers. Of the total number of titles, there are about 16,500 reviewed journals, plus records from "open access" journals, conference proceedings, website contributions, information on patents as well as records of other specialised information resources.

In 2008, the SCOPUS database was chosen by the Council for R&D and Innovations as another resource for evaluating the research results in the Czech Republic.

In Scopus, the Hirsch index can be searched for.

Database contains

  • Life Sciences
    Includes more than 4,300 titles on farming, biology, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, microbiology, pharmacology, toxicology, etc.
  • Health Sciences
    Includes more than 6,800 titles on medicine, veterinary, stomatology, etc.
  • Physical Sciences
    Includes more than 7200 titles on mathematics, physics, astronomy, chemistry, chemical engineering, computer science, geography, power engineering, materials engineering, environmental sciences, etc.
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
    Includes more than 5300 titles on humanities, economics, business, finance, psychology, social sciences, etc.




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