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charakteristic: is a platform on which publisher Nature Publishing Group provides access to journals, databases and tools not only from its portfolio. Magazines cover particularly an area of science and medicine.

The portal serves not only to access the electronic version of the journals, but also to benefit from innovations in science and medicine. You can find there blogs, podcasts, job offer, information about conferences. However, the main and most important part of the database are articles of the prestigious journal published by Nature Publishing Group.  

The database contains journals:

Articles are accessible four years retrospectively (ie. from 2010). Lot of other articles are freely available.




database is available at the whole Brno University of Technology

further information:

for further information write to


Access for the period 2013-2017 funded by the project Natura: vědecké informační zdroje přírodních věd, registrační číslo: CZ.1.05/3.2.00/12.0228.

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