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Amadeus is a detailed database of Europe's business entities.

The database contains over 18 million records of Czech and European companies. These consist of the corporate structure, financial records, and others. The records can be filtered out, exported, etc. Amadeus can be used to research individual companies, create their financial analyses, trends comparing them with those of other companies. The search results can be used to make: segmentation analyses, peer analyses, aggregations, statistical distributions, concentration analyses, and linear regressions.

The database contains:

  • information on corporate finances in standardized formats
  • financial stability indicators
  • share prices of quoted companies
  • similar corporate structures
  • market researches
  • M&A transactions and news reports
  • business and management news
  • maps




database is available only on FBM


  • funded from the resources of Faculty of Business and Management
  • till 19. 9. 2015

terms of use:

  • According to the license agreement is forbidden to use the Amadeus database other ways than just for your own study and research.
  • Mass downloading data clearly exceeding current personal research need to be considered as a breach of license conditions and may lead to the blocking of access to resources.

further information:

for further information, please write to