Digital library

The BUT Digital Library was built as a central repository of documents created at BUT to be collected kept and, above all, retrieved. This repository is designed for BUT students and staff as well as for external experts and a wider public.

The BUT Digital Library can be accessed by the Dspace used by over 1000 world's institutions; in the Czech Republic, these are for example Czech technical university in Prague or Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

The BUT Digital Library aims to comprise as many BUT e-documents as possible.

What you can find here?

  • Theses
    This is the principal and largest collection of the BUT Digital Library. On Friday 20th March 2009, the BUT Rector's Directive came into effect regarding the format, publishing, and archiving of theses. Under this directive, the theses at most of the BUT faculties are submitted to the university information system to be then transmitted to the BUT Digital Library and be available under the licence terms. Step by step, the system is extended by theses from previous years available in electronic format.

  • The journal BUT News

  • Documents stipulated by the Rector's Directive no. 38/1998 Scientific Writings

  • These are summaries of theses, habilitation theses, and inauguration lectures, scientific writings from the Monographs of the Technical University of Brno series.

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