Other services

Information e-mails

As an extra service, the library system sends warning e-mails to readers approaching the end of lending time. If a reader fails to return books within the lending times, he or she is also called on by e-mail overdue notices. In this way, the system reminds the readers of their obligations, thus also saving their own money. Since the service was launched, there has been a steady decrease of overdue documents, which makes it possible to satisfy the requests of other readers.

  • A warning e-mail message is sent to the reader two days before the lending deadline
  • Three overdue notices are sent every two weeks (2, 4, 6)

Book cover previews

In addition to bibliographic records and catalogue search results, also book cover previews are available using the services of the obalkyknih.cz website. This project combines different resources of book information into a single easy-to-use web service adding to the catalogue an e-commerce-like feature.

  • thumbnail previews are displayed directly in the table of search results
  • full-size preview is available on the page with the bibliographic record of a particular book

Reference generator

Cooperating with the popular citace.com web service, we complete bibliographic records with ČSN ISO 690-compliant references. Their generator has become very popular with students mainly because it helps them write correct references to the literature used.

Being thus integrated in the catalogue, this is a very useful tool offered to the readers and students in particular. A standardized list of references is an obligatory part of every thesis receiving a separate marking.

A reference is available on the page with the bibliographic record of a particular book.