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Academic Senate


  • The BUT Academic Senate approves internal regulations of BUT and its constituent parts, approves the BUT budget submitted by the Rector, and controls the use of BUT financial resources,
  • approves BUT annual activity reports and BUT annual management reports submitted by the Rector, approves assessments of university activities submitted by the Rector ,
  • approves the Rector's proposals for the appointment and removal of BUT Scientific Board members,
  • adopts the decision on a Rector appointment proposal or proposes the removal from office of a Rector,
  • approves the BUT Strategic Plan of education, science, research, development, artistic, and other activities carried out at the university and its annual updates as discussed by the BUT Scientific Board,
  • among others, passes its opinions on the Rector's intended appointments or removals of vice-rectors, on legal acts requiring approval by the BUT Board of Trustees, and on comments and opinions passed by the BUT Board of Trustees.
  • Carries out other activities required by the University Act as amended.



    Chamber of Academic Staff

      Chairman of Chamber


      Chamber of Students

        Chairman of Chamber




        Academic Senate Office

        Antonínská 548/1, 601 90 Brno
        Czech Republic

        Jarmila Cardová
        BUT AS Secretary
        tel.: +420 541 145 204
        e-mail: senat@vutbr.cz